Vote Peter Smorthit for Mayor!

Your Independent Candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Hackney Deserves Better!

* A genuine voice for residents

* Overturn & stop all road closures

* Fight for disabled & vulnerable residents

* Fight for social housing & better services

HACKNEY DESERVES BETTER because we are tired of council policies like one-sided and undemocratic LTNs that divide communities and cause chaos.
HACKNEY DESERVES BETTER than leaders that toady up to fashionable pressure groups, crackpot causes and the concerns of an affluent minority, but treat working class, disabled and vulnerable residents with disdain and contempt.
HACKNEY DESERVES BETTER policies that are fair, considered and properly reflect the views and needs of everyone in our borough.
HACKNEY DESERVES a non-partisan Mayor who can collaborate with residents and businesses; is open to ideas; is tolerant and will listen to and debate, especially with arguments in disagreement.
HACKNEY DESERVES a Mayor who is committed to democracy, justice and fairness.

I’m Peter Smorthit. Vote for me as Mayor and with your support we can do better!

I am a para-athlete, a youth basketball coach, disability rights campaigner and charity worker. I stood as an independent in my home ward of Hoxton East at the last council elections. Since 2020 I have been at the forefront of the fight against Hackney’s unfair and unjust LTNs, highlighting the detrimental impact they have on disabled and vulnerable residents.

I have completed over two hundred marathons, 173 half-marathons and 151 ultramarathons. Born and raised in London and raised £2.26 million for charities including Prostate Cancer U.K., Cystic fibrosis U.K. (CFUK), Barts, Cancer Research, Dog A.I.D (Assistance In Disability).

I’ve never let adversity hold me back. I’m an optimist, determined and passionate about fighting for my community. I see these values of selflessness, determination and self-reliance, time and again, in the actions of my neighbours and the many people I’ve met campaigning and working in Hackney.

When our politicians treat residents with disdain and contempt, they are not only failing to properly represent us, but they’re squandering the very qualities and human resources we need to build a stronger community. It’s time to do things differently. We need a complete change. Vote for me and let’s start that journey together.

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