We need you!

Thousands of people across Hackney are coming together to fight for our borough, our neighbourhoods and our democracy. Hackney council have declared war on residents and businesses, imposing draconian road closures, with little notice, no consultation and scant regard for the consequences.

The council have paralysed our neighbourhoods. Their roadblocks have impacted the work of our emergency services, left many elderly and disabled residents stranded in their homes; massively increased journey times, left people struggling to get to work, hospital appointments, care visits, and pushed many local businesses to the brink of failure.

Quiet residential, and even school streets have become gridlocked, sometimes for hours at a time. The hum of stationary engines, the smell of fumes and blaring car horns of frustrated drivers have become all too familiar in many neighbourhoods. The council’s claim that these measures are creating a greener, safer, more child-friendly borough reads like a sick joke.

Horrendous Hackney Road Closures Group has more than six thousand members and is growing fast. We are a cross-generation, cross-community movement, we are pedestrians, motorists, wheelchair user and we are cyclists. We are united in our opposition to the council’s reckless assault on our communities. We have organised two of the largest demonstrations in Hackney for many years, but we have only just gotten started.

With your support and  input we will reverse the road closures, remove from office those politicians who have forgotten that they were elected to serve not to dictate, and we will ensure this does not happen again.

The council talk of Active Transport – in other words, forcing us to walk or cycle because they know what’s good for us. It’s a a euphemism for their contempt for us. We however, believe in Active Citizens – that we are not some problem to be managed, but capable, intelligent people who know what is best for ourselves, our families, businesses and our communities. If you believe in those things too, and you are fed up of being pushed around and taken for granted, then sign up below and join us.