Vote Peter Smorthit

Independent Candidate for Hoxton East & Shoreditch

Not Labour or Tory! I’m a local resident and non-partisan.

A genuine voice for residents * Overturn & stop all road closures * Fight for disabled & vulnerable residents * Fight for social housing & better services

Hi I’m Peter and I’m a disabled resident living in Hoxton. I am not a party politician. I’ve been a long-time resident of this ward and seen it slowly decline over the years, from the market getting ever smaller, the introduction of nearby LTNs that are causing misery to so many residents, especially disabled. And now, we face the loss of Iceland, our only local supermarket that so many of us depend on.

This should never have been allowed to happen. As a disabled resident myself (I’m T10 paraplegic and full-time wheelchair user for 11 years) I’ve experienced first-hand the negative impacts of the LTNs. It’s even a struggle to receive the basic medical supplies I need to live, as the delivery company can’t be sure if they can get them to me on time.

YES to listening to residents concerns and actually doing something about them. NO to the closure of Iceland. 
NO to LTNs – our council should honour consultation results!
YES to more police on the beat.YES to better repairs and services.

I believe that consultations should be honoured, whether or not the council agree with the result. Residents should be listened to and respected, not fobbed off. At the end of the day, we the residents live here and should be allowed to have a say in what happens to our local area. The council are exerting too much power and it’s about time this was given back to the residents to decide for themselves. 

A vote for me will mean residents all getting the voice they rightfully deserve. Fighting for social housing and the needs of disabled and vulnerable residents in our community. Upping neighbourhood patrols to make residents feel safer and making our ward a better place for everyone.

Our campaign, Horrendous Hackney Road Closures, has shown that residents possess a wealth of experience, creativity and energy that could help us solve so many of the problems and difficulties we now face.
We need a real democratic say. We need a range of views and opinions about how our borough and our communities are run. Putting a stop to the programme of road closures is just the beginning.
Vote for me, Peter Smorthit, and let’s start clearing out the technocrats and careerists. Let’s call a referendum on abolishing the mayoral system so we can have more democratic control.

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