Stop the road closures!

Solidarity with Haringey residents!

Residents and campaigners from the three London boroughs of Islington, Tower Hamlets and Hackney, joined forces for a demonstration against the road closures and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods that are crippling our city. 

Hundreds of people marched, to the beat of a steel band, from Old Street, along Hackney Road – bordering Hackney and Tower Hamlets – one of the most badly affected roads in East London. Along the route, marchers were greeted with rapturous support from local businesses, drivers, passers-by and residents.

Our local newspaper branded us an ‘angry mob of residents‘ – a comment they later withdrew – and the tiny band of pro-LTN Twitterati unsurprisingly called us ‘gammon’, making out we were an unsavoury bunch of angry white working class yobs. But in reality they were terrified by the sight, and the very idea of ordinary residents standing up for themselves. But they had better get used to it, because we are not going away, and now we offer our support to our neighbours in Haringey, who are refusing to accept the imposition of draconian LTNs on their neighbourhoods. We want our streets back!

Our demands…

• Remove Low Traffic Neighbourhoods across London.
• Reopen every road and cancel every road closure fine.
• For Active Citizens not ‘Active Transport’
• For democracy and an accountability in our Town Halls.

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